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How We Make Money Swing Trading Stocks
My wife and I make extra money by trading stocks online. We started trading stocks as a side hustle when we needed to make extra money a few years ago. We had some luck early on while the market was making new highs every few months. I think everyone was making money trading at that time. We used our initial trading profits to pay off our student loan debt.
Unfortunately our luck did not last, and we lost $15,000 trying to trade stocks over the next 6 months. It took three years of trial and error to finally settle on a trading strategy that worked consistently for us. Stock trading is an exciting and potentially profitable way to work at home and escape your conventional job.
We discovered many helpful training resources as we learned how to trade. We joined stock trading alerts services, chatrooms and purchased training DVDs to learn how to trade successfully. You can read reviews of these training resources on our stock trading review site, Stockmillionaires.com.
Stock Trading Can Make You Extra Money
Short-term stock trading can be extremely profitable. We regularly make 10% – 25% gains on our short- term trades. Last month we made thousands of dollars stock trading. We spent a total of an hour or two earning that money.
If you haven’t tried short-term stock trading, here are a few of the reasons that we love this money making side hustle:
  • You can start learning to trade with $100. Sure, your profits will only be a few dollars per trade, but it is best to start slowly while you learn.
  • Stock trading as unlimited earning potential. Some short-term traders are making millions of dollars per year trading from their couches.
  • Trading stocks offers you flexible work hours. Trade as much or as little as you want to.
  • Learning to trade stocks is like a rollercoaster – it is exciting, terrifying and massively fun all at the same time!
  • I have tried many different ways to make money online. My wife and I have started many freelance businesses from blogging to freelance proofreading online. We have found that stock trading has a steep learning curve to conquer, but it offers the largest potential income with the least amount of work. In many freelance businesses you are directly exchanging your time for money – this is not the case with stock trading.
    Short-Term Stock Trading Can Be Risky
    Stock trading is a risky endeavor, but the risk can be managed with practice and experience. Stock trading is not gambling – success is not based on luck. There are multiple ways to reduce the risk of losing money trading stocks. Learning to control your emotions during a trade is the first line of defense against losses.
    Fear and greed are not your friends! These two emotions are probably responsible for more trading losses than any other factor. Trading stocks is a mental game, and failure to control your fear and greed is the fast track to the poor house in trading.
    The aim of this article is to give you an overview of how we make money stock trading online and how you can learn to do the same.
    Stock Trading Versus Long Term Investing
    We rarely buy and hold a stock for more than a few weeks. Usually, we only own a stock for 1-4 days! Investors will usually buy a company’s stock when they are convinced that the value of the company will continue to grow over the next few years.
    Trading is very different from investing. Traders don’t care if the company has the potential to become the next Microsoft or Apple. Traders only care about making money from the price movement over a few days.
    Would you rather hold a stock for two years and make 20% or hold a stock for two days and make 20% profit? We do this every week, often making 20% profit on a position overnight or over the weekend. This is the different between a trader and an investor.
    There are pros and cons to both investing and trading stocks. Active trading can lead to a lot more profits in a much shorter time period. This is mostly due to trading more volatile stocks and compounding gains quickly.
    The downside to short-term trading is that the risk is much higher. Short-term trades are usually highly volatile, and this can lead to dramatic losses if you are not careful.
    Our Five Golden Trading Rules
    A disciplined approach to short-term trading is essential. Here are the five golden rules that we do our best to follow:
  • Always have a trading plan before you purchase a stock. Stick to the plan!
  • Have patience with winning trades.
  • Cut losing trades quickly. You cannot allow losing trades to negate the winning ones.
  • Never trade with money that can’t afford to lose.
  • Never hold a trade through earnings. Even if you think that the earnings report will be good.
  • These are the five rules that we try our best to follow.  My experience has been that if I break these rules, I will lose money on a trade.
    Learning a stock trading strategy is not easy. There are many different approaches to trading stocks such as trading the news, betting against companies (shorting), day trading and swing trading momentum stocks. The strategies can become ridiculously technical with all kinds of crazy indicators and chart patterns.
    We try to keep it as simple as possible and only trade the highest probability chart setups. Simple is easy if it works – and it has for us.
    This article outlines the basics of our simple swing trading strategy. We have used this strategy to consistently make 5% – 20% profits per trade (with a 60% winning percentage).
    Our Swing Trading Strategy
    My wife and I swing trade stocks that cost less than $10 per share. Swing trades typically last between 1 and 4 days.
    Investors that are looking for steady, low-risk growth tend to shy away from the ‘penny stock’ markets. These lower cost stocks can provide many opportunities for quick profits though, precisely because they do not have price stability or solid business fundamentals. A ‘blue-chip’ stock is extremely unlikely to double in value overnight. In contrast, I have lost track of how many swing trades that we have made that have doubled in a day or two!
    Most of the companies that we trade are frankly terrible companies. They are often tiny companies with no revenue, products or cash. Often, they will be up to their eyeballs in debt. They are not companies we would ever buy and hold. The price of these stocks is often manipulated which makes the price action relatively predictable. This predictability allows us to make money by rapidly trading the short-term price action of the stock.
    How to ‘Predict’ the Price of a Stock
    The majority of the general public think that the way a stock price moves is random. Stock prices are not unpredictable because the price depends on people buying and selling. People tend to be quite consistent in their actions. This translates to certain patterns being generated in the stock price charts that occur over and over again.
    Using price charts to predict where a stock price is heading is part of a system called technical analysis. Technical analysis is used by millions of traders to make money in the stock market. It is not an exact science and of course the stock price is not guaranteed to actually go up when you think it is! The trick is in the risk management and how you manage your trading.
    A full description of technical analysis is outside the scope of this article, but you can read more about it here if you are interested.
    Trend Trading Strategy
    Trend trading is one of the main ways that we make money stock trading. Basically, we look for a price chart that shows that a stock is consistently making higher prices – in other words the stock is in an uptrend.
    We look for strong uptrends in a stock and wait for the perfect purchase price. The idea is simple – we buy the stock with the anticipation that it will continue the trend (at least in the short-term). If it does what we expect then we ride it for a few days and sell it for a profit. If it doesn’t then we sell it quickly and move on to the next stock.
    Let me show you an example of how this works and explain how you can do this as well.
    The Uptrending Channel Pattern
    I want to illustrate the simplicity of trend trading by showing you once of the simplest chart patterns – the ascending channel pattern.
    The channel pattern can be easily explained by plotting a chart and just drawing two straight lines to show what the price direction of the stock is. Check out the nice uptrend in the price of Amazon stock over the last 9 months (below).
    You can plot charts of any stocks like this for free at stockcharts.com. You will have to draw in your own trend lines though unless you purchase a premium version of the software.
    The Amazon chart shows a nice uptrend where the price of the stock bounces between the two blue lines that I have added in. The top and bottom blue lines show what is known as resistance and support respectively. Active traders are monitoring these levels, anticipating when to buy and sell the stock and you can do the same!
    There is a high probability that when the price of the stock falls to the blue support line, that other traders will buy at these price levels, causing the price of the stock to go back up. When you understand this simple concept, making money trading becomes a lot easier.
    The opposite is true when the price of the stock increases to levels around the top blue line (resistance). Other traders will sell the stock at this point and the pattern repeats. Do you see how there is a degree of predictability in stock prices?
    These uptrending channel patterns also happen intra-day as well which allows for trades that only take a few hours to work. 
    Short -Term Profits from the Uptrending Channel Pattern
    When you have identified an uptrending channel pattern, you can buy in at the support lines and sell at the resistance levels. You can sell part of your position and let the rest ride the uptrend until the trend breaks down.
    These types of price patterns are not guaranteed to actually continue when you buy in. Sometimes they just break down. A good example of what can happen is shown in the Amazon chart above. In September the trend failed, and the price dropped dramatically.
    This is where money management and discipline can make the difference – if you cut the loss quickly then you will probably be successful. If you hope that the price will come back up, then you will likely just lose money trading. It is better to sell for a small loss than risk a much bigger one – remember you can always buy back in if the trend is re-established.
    Always remember that these trends and patterns are just high probability trade setups – they don’t work all the time. Sure, they are likely to work but the real secret to making consistent profits is to hope for the best but plan for the worst. If you had bought into Amazon in September and stubbornly held your position you would have lost 30% in 4 weeks.
    We trade stocks using the simple trend pattern described above. We also use three simple chart patterns that are slightly more complex but still quite straight forward. Check them out if you want to learn more about how we make money consistently.
    Stock trading has changed our lives for the better and it is a fantastic way to make some extra money from home. It can be quite a passive income source, but the learning curve does take time and it can be extremely hard work initially. You can get started with a tiny amount of money (e.g. $100) while you practice and learn a good strategy.
    Good Luck!
    Author Bio
    Russell Barbour is an experienced stock trader and online entrepreneur. He lives in New York with his wife (Maleah).  Russell blogs about personal finance, stock trading, investing and side hustles that you can start to make extra money. When he is not working he enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking and swimming. You can follow him on social media:
    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Unconventional_Prosperity
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnconventionalProsperity

    2 Ways To Make Money Online This Month

    You don't have to be a superstar entrepreneur to get a corporate writing gig.
    January 28, 2019 5 min read
    Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
    Ecommerce sales are expected to hit $4.88 trillion dollars by 2021 according to Statista. As of 2015, it’s estimated that 3.2 billion people use the internet every day according to Time Magazine. In the United States, 196 million people use social media every day according to Statista. 
    The opportunity online is great for entrepreneurs with billions of users on the web. Entrepreneurs can grow their business and generate revenue online in as many as 21 different ways and streams. 
    There is a wealth of content about making money online. You have probably read articles about creating courses, coaching, selling digital information products and offering services online. Today I'd like to share two non-traditional ways to make money online that you can add to your business this month. Use these to grow your revenue.
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    1. Corporate Freelancing
    Corporations book entrepreneurs to create audio, video, and written content and pay well for it. They pay entrepreneurs to write blog posts, create podcast episode content, write newsletters, write copy, create funnels, write social media posts, create content plans, and much more.
    Some amounts you can make for this type of freelance content creation are $25,000 per funnel, $4 a word for any kind of written content, $4,000 per thirty-minutes of audio content, and $6,000 per thirty-minutes of video content. Remember, corporate budgets are huge. 
    One tactic you can use to find these type of opportunities is using job websites. You can go to sites such as Indeed, Monster, etc. Type in the phrase for which you want to be booked. For example, you could type in “podcast” and you would get a list of companies looking to hire an employee for all kinds of things related to podcasting. It’s the same for the other types of content freelance opportunities.
    This shows you that the company has a need for what you want to be booked to do. It takes the hard sell out of the equation. Corporations understand the value of content creation online. Pitch the marketing director at the company and show why booking you as a freelancer is much more cost-effective than hiring an employee.
    You can show them that it’s less risk and there’s more accountability. They pay you one-off fees. They don’t have to pay for health insurance, 401K and other employee benefits. It can be an appealing proposal to a corporation. A simple search on the company’s website or on LinkedIn would tell you who the marketing director is. You then create the pitch.
    Share information about why you’re an expert, show some samples of your work, show why they should go the freelancer route, and give them options for what you could do for them. Get clear on what type of content you want to create and start looking. There are billions in new revenue that hungry entrepreneurs will lock in. This is a great time of year to get booked. Don’t limit your earning potential by limiting your mindset.
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    2. Paid Writing 
    The seven major business and personal development publications get more than 500 million visitors monthly. The numbers get wild when you factor in industries such as entertainment, tech, hobbies, fashion and other life categories. Satista estimates that online publications get over one billion visitors every single day. It’s created a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their message and business in front of an ever-growing audience.
    You can build a large email list and social media following. You can promote your books, products, services and courses. Shorter term, you can get paid for content -- written, audio and video -- this year.
    There are many publications that pay for content. A simple Google search of “publications that pay for content” would give you many options. You don’t have to be a superstar entrepreneur to book paid gig writing. Send in a pitch that talks about who you are and why you’re an expert. Talk about what you’d specifically like to write about for that publication. Show some samples of your work. Beef up your samples if you have to by writing for publications for free.
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    Make the pitch compelling and hit them with a subject line that creates enough curiosity to get the editor to open the email. Send in pitches and lock in opportunities.
    Don’t let anything keep you from taking action on this strategy. It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. Use the internet and social media to grow your business and add new revenue streams.

    How To Earn Money Online? Top 6 Ways To Make Wealth Through Internet

    The current generation is smartly using them as a great place to set up an income source. Not only part-time, but people are also earning huge amount of money as full-time internet workers. This also allows you to make your own decisions and work as per your comfort. Here are 6 areas that are giving great income to people through the internet
    Successful websites not only drive your money through ads or paid reviews but also bring other options. A blogger or website runner can go for affiliate marketing by allowing companies to include web links on to your website. Pixabay

    Monday, October 8, 2018

    Ebates Review – Get Cash Back On Every Online Purchase

    Ebates Review – Get Cash Back On Every Online Purchase

    If you’re shopping online and not getting anything extra in return, you’re doing it wrong. Find out how you can get cash back on your online purchases in our Ebates review.
    Ebates Review
    I do a fair amount of shopping online, whether we are talking about back-to-school clothes for my kids, new furniture, or my frequent Amazon buys. I use coupons when I can, and I always pay with a credit card that earns cash back rewards. But there’s one more way that I can keep more of my own money in my pocket whenever I buy online: Ebates.
    Ebates is a free website that allows you to earn cash back almost every time you shop on the web. Whether you are ordering household supplies, a new computer, or soccer cleats for the kids, you will earn money back in the form of a rebate. Then, you can cash out and use that rebate for anything you want, including depositing it in a savings account or vacation fund.
    To some, Ebates may sound too good to be true, but it’s really not. Here’s a rundown on how this rebate site can transform your online shopping forever.
    What is Ebates?
    While you can often find coupon codes available, Ebates isn’t a coupon site by definition. You won’t usually save any money on your transaction by buying through an Ebates link. Where the benefit most often comes in is after the transaction, when you will receive a rebate for your buys.
    Ebates became the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping 20 years ago. The company was founded in 1998 by two Deputy District Attorneys in Silicon Valley, in fact. They used to prosecute web fraud and identity theft prior to founding Ebates, so it only seems natural that their popular company centers around online transactions.
    How Much Does Ebates Cost?
    The only thing better than earning cash back on your purchases is doing so for free. Whether we are talking about rewards credit cards that don’t have an annual fee, grocery/gas loyalty programs, or companies like Ebates, free money is the best money.
    Joining Ebates is always free; all you have to do is sign up. No matter how much–or how little–money you spend through their website, Ebates never takes a penny from you.
    Every three months, Ebates will mail you a check with your earned rebate balance, or they can also transfer the money to your PayPal account. There’s no fee, no catch, and the process is easy. If you want to use that free cash to do some good, they’ll even send the money to your favorite charity. No matter your preference, there is absolutely no charge for any of it.
    How Does Ebates Earn Money, Then?
    So, you might be wondering how exactly Ebates works, and how they’re making money if they’re not taking it from you in some way. Well, the concept behind the website is simple: your online merchants pay Ebates for referring your business to them.
    In order to earn your promised rebates, you will need to shop through the Ebates site, from their list of partner merchants. This means logging in after you’ve signed up, finding your store of choice, and clicking through to that site from the Ebates portal. This allows Ebates to confirm your purchase as well as earn “credit” for the referral.
    When you make a purchase, the merchant will send a share to Ebates, as sort of an affiliate commission. Ebates then passes most of the money they make on to you, keeping a small percentage for themselves. The share they keep adds up quickly, but you don’t even notice, because you’re still getting the majority of it in your own account, as free cash back.
    So, the more you shop via Ebates, the more money they will make. The more they make, the more money they can pass back to you in the form of a rebate. Makes sense, right?
    The Sign-Up Process
    The process for signing up for Ebates and saving money online is about as easy as it gets. The first step is to visit their website, Ebates.com. There, you’ll register an account, which takes just a few seconds to complete.
    You can see from the graphic above that the only things required to get started with a new Ebates account are your email address, a password, and the email address of the friend that referred you (if applicable). Once you start earning money with Ebates, you will need to provide more personal information. This includes things like your address, phone number, and Paypal account email address, but that info is only used to pay you.
    The Cash Back Process
    As it currently stands, there are over 2,500 merchants who participate in the Ebates program, many of which you’re likely familiar with. From Macy’s to Holiday Inn Express to Barneys New York, the locations where you will earn cash back is growing every day.
    The cash back amount you’ll receive from Ebates is clearly displayed on each page, so there are no surprises. This amount varies from 1.0% back to as high as 50.0% cash back, and beyond (that’s the highest I’ve seen, but who knows what will happen in the future).
    For example, let’s assume you’re looking to buy some back-to-school clothes at Macy’s for your kids, to the tune of $300. Rather than visit their site directly and make the purchase, you should first visit Ebates. There, the current cash back percentage for shopping at Macy’s is currently 6%–not a bad rate!
    Once you’re ready, click on the Macy’s link through Ebates and you will be temporarily directed to the following page:
    This page will stay on your screen for just a few seconds, before you are automatically directed to the Macy’s website. Then, make your purchases there as usual; feel free to use coupons, if you have them, and even a rewards credit card, to earn even more!
    When you return to Ebates a few days later, you should see the 3% cash added to your account. On $300 spent, that’s a solid $18 saved, plus whatever your cash back credit card gives you.
    You can earn an unlimited amount of cash back through Ebates. There are a few individual merchant limits, which Ebates will clearly define before they redirect you, but that’s it. Plus, receiving payment is a breeze.
    Once per quarter, you’ll receive a check or Paypal transfer from Ebates, and that’s really all there is to it. If you’re making a TON of money with your online shopping, they may choose to send out checks sooner than every three months. And if you choose to sign-up for their newsletter, you’ll even be provided the chance to earn double cash back on a different store every day.
    More Than Shopping
    Since its introduction, Ebates has become more than just an online shopping rebate website, though. Now, you can even earn cash back when you book certain hotels or travel plans, or even when you use VRBO to book a vacation home.
    You can also access special coupons through the site, whether those merchants offer actual cash back or not. Coupons vary and change regularly, but it’s another great place to look if you want to save on your next online purchase.
    Lastly, you can even snag your cash back when shopping in-store at select merchants. If you are at the mall anyway or absolutely want to check out an item in person before buying, you don’t have to forgo your rebate; just make sure that the merchant is part of Ebates’ in-store cash back list.
    In-store cash back is often less than offered online; for instance, Macy’s only gives 2.0% back right now when you buy in-person, versus the mentioned 6.0% for buying online. However, this might be worth it to you if you can’t pass up that clearance item in your size or find the perfect home accent for your living room.
    There’s no downside to shopping online through Ebates, as it gives you an easy, free way to build up extra cash… all for buying the things you were buying anyway. Combine it with coupons and rewards credit cards to double up on your earnings, and see just how much you can save!
    To sign-up for your Ebates account and start saving on most of your online purchases, visit www.Ebates.com.
    Topics: Smart Spending

    How To Make Money Online: 25 Examples And Ideas

    How To Make Money Online: 25 Examples And Ideas

    With the gift of the internet, it seems everyone is eager to have a side-hustle. But, not everyone has the time or resources to get a consistent job outside of their house. And, with so many jobs that can be done virtually, getting a side job on the internet has never been easier. So, what are some ways you can make money online? 
    How to Make Money Online
    While some may require the use of your car or your house, these 25 online job ideas can help you earn lots of extra cash without having to exert too much energy. And, the best part? Most can be done in addition to your daytime job (read - disposable income). 
    1. Use Apps Like Uber and Lyft
    Yes, you will have to leave your house in your car, but using apps like Uber and Lyft can help you earn lots of extra money (up to hundreds of dollars per week). 
    If you are 21 years of age and have a four-door car, you're good to go to start earning money through the apps. Simply register on Uber or Lyft, and start earning cash in your spare time. 
    2. Take Online Surveys
    You can get paid (or get coupons or discounts) for taking surveys online. 
    With sites like Swagbucks, you can get gift cards and discounts for taking surveys - which can add up in savings. Other sites like MySurvey and SurveyJunkie offer money in exchange for surveys. 
    3. Become a Virtual Assistant
    A great way to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your bed is to be a virtual assistant. 
    Typical duties of a virtual assistant include things like administrative tasks, booking travel, or managing calendars. Typical hourly salary of a virtual assistant is around $15.62 - posing a tempting option for an internet side-hustle. 
    4. Begin Investing
    If you've got a tiny bit of extra cash, starting to invest in the stock or bond market can be a great way to earn  money online. 
    Using online investment sites like Fidelity (FNF) or PNC (PNC)  can potentially pay off in a big way. 
    5. Sell Clothes or Items Online
    Everyone has an extra coat or pair of jeans in their closet. An easy way to turn clutter into cash is to sell clothes online on sites like Poshmark or eBay (EBAY) . 
    With the ease of listing items and receiving payment, selling extra items or clothes online can really give you a boost for a minimal effort. 
    6. Tutor Online
    If you've got smarts or expertise in a certain area, being an online tutor can be a great option to earn some extra cash on the internet. With dozens of high school, college or other level tutoring jobs available, you could potentially make up to $18 an hour from your computer. 
    Definitely worth a look into using your brain. 
    7. Become a Transcriptionist
    If you've got a computer and fast typing skills, becoming a transcriptionist is an ultra-easy way to earn money from your home. 
    While salaries vary, you can typically make about $15 per hour, with some of the bigger freelance transcribing sites like TranscribeMe or Go Transcript paying by the minute you transcribe.
    8. Become a Freelance Writer
    While a knack for writing is necessary, becoming a freelance writer online can earn you hundreds of dollars - and is typically a pretty easy gig to find.
    Sites like UpWork offer lots of great freelance jobs that can earn you over $1,000 - and, lots of other freelancing pays per hour as well, earning you an average of $15 to $20 per hour.
    9. Sell Crafts Online
    Ah, Etsy (ETSY) - the go-to for craft lovers Web-wide. 
    If you've got a talent for making crafts, or even have crafting supplies to sell, you can potentially earn lots of money selling your items. 
    Even though the site takes a 3.5% fee for every item sold, you can still generate a good amount of income for your goods (and possibly even build a small business). 
    10. Start a YouTube Channel
    Despite the fact that not all of us will earn YouTube stardom, some of us might - and that's exactly how you can make money for your videos on YouTube. 
    The popular platform can potentially generate thousands of dollars of income - but, there is more than one hoop to jump through. Learn more about making money on YouTube here.
    11. Use Online Sites Like Craigslist and UpWork 
    If you've got a product or service for hire or sale, using online sites like Craigslist or UpWork can help you sell your services (or products) to make that additional buck.
    However, when using sites like Craigslist, beware of scams - you can read about some of the most common Craigslist scams here. 
    12. Work as a Consultant
    Another way you can potentially earn big on the internet is by consulting.
    According to Forbes, offering consulting services in a variety of fields can even earn you up to $100 per hour. Sites that can get you started in the field of online consulting include Clarify.fm - and it's free. 
    13. Use Money-Making Apps
    Some apps like Drop can help you earn extra money or cash rewards when shopping online. 
    Apps like Drop let you choose your favorite stores and link a credit or debit card so you can earn points as you shop online. These points can definitely add up, giving you some extra cash or savings on the internet. 
    14. Start a Blog
    While there are dozens of ways to make money through online writing, creating a blog can definitely help you add to your bottom line once you've built it up.
    Using your blog to build a platform and begin getting advertising or affiliate deals can help you earn money. But make sure to promote your blog on social media and gain a consistent audience while targeting money-making opportunities within your niche. 
    15. Use Cash-Back Credit Cards
    You can actually earn a good bit of money online by using your credit or debit cards via cash-back deals. 
    In addition to percentage rewards with certain cards, many cards like Discover (DFS) have better interest rates - and, in the case of Discover, can earn you 1.80% APY - which can add up to big dollar savings per year. 
    16. Create Online Courses or Webinars
    According to Entrepreneur, offering online webinars or courses can help you make lots of money by talking about areas of your interest or expertise.
    Using sites like GoToWebinar can help you get started in the process of creating your own webinar. 
    Additionally, you can create online courses using your experiences or knowledge to make money - with sites like Teachable.com being a useful resource. 
    17. Become a Data Entry Clerk
    Entering data on a freelance basis online can help you earn a good amount of extra dough for a fairly simple job.
    According to Entrepreneur, the average pay for data entry is around $12 to $13 per hour. You can often find jobs for freelance data entry on sites like Fiverr and Indeed. Simply search "data entry clerk" and you'll get a handful of options.
    18. Help College Applicants or Students Write Papers
    Even if you're not fresh out of college, you can still help those who are trying to get in by freelancing in the area of helping students work on papers.
    For most gigs, you could make around $15-$25 per hour, while some fees per essay may be much higher. Using your writing skills can potentially earn you some extra cash - and help students learn how to construct a winning essay. 
    19. Write Resumes
    Along the same lines, helping write or work on people's resumes to ensure they are in tip-top shape can earn you a surprising amount of extra money.
    In fact, working on or writing resumes can potentially earn you between $15 and $20 an hour, or even make over $100 per resume.
    20. Rent Out a Room on Airbnb
    You presumably have a home or room - which means that by renting it out, you can earn some extra cash. 
    While the specifics are slightly more complicated, the idea is simple - you can earn big bucks for letting people rent out an extra room (or your whole house, if you're out of town). Learn more about how Airbnb could earn you money online here. 
    21. Become a Web Designer
    If you've got skills with website creation, SEO, or web design, you can earn lots of money by freelancing and creating sites.
    Use sites like UpWork, Fiverr, or Freelancer  to help find options - which, if you can manage full time, can potentially earn you upward of $70,000 per year as a web designer or creator. 
    22. Create an ECommerce Store on Shopify
    If you've got things to sell online, Shopify may very well be the online eCommerce store for you.
    With a fairly easy process of setting up an online store, Shopify offers a great way to sell things you make online and earn a good amount of additional cash. 
    23. Become a Brand Ambassador
    If you've got a strong social media presence, becoming a brand ambassador could be just the right online job for you. Getting paid to promote products on social media is certainly appealing - and, if you create enough of a platform on sites like Instagram (FB) , you could even earn thousands per year. 
    Even if you aren't fortunate enough to score a deal with a brand through social media, working events and handing out goodies or promoting companies can earn you a decent amount of cash. 
    If you're lucky, you can even earn up to over $17 per hour. 
    24. Invest in Cryptocurrency 
    Yes, this may not be an avenue for the faint of heart (or those low in cash). But if you have a little extra money to spend, investing in slightly riskier investments like cryptocurrency could possibly earn you thousands from the comfort of your home computer. 
    Still, before diving in the bitcoin deep end, make sure you know the downsides and possible scams to avoid getting conned. 
    25. Review Music or Videos Online 
    Perhaps surprisingly, you can actually make money by reviewing music (or other forms of media like videos) online. 
    You can use sites like Slice the Pie to review things like music, videos, artists or even clothing products and earn money while doing it. 
    The Bottom Line
    There are countless ways to earn money online - including dozens more than these 25. Do your research and use your particular talents, areas of expertise, and resources to earn money online. 

    Bnbguy.com Launches To Teach Anyone How To Make The Most Money Possible Online With Short Term Property Rentals

    Bnbguy.com Launches To Teach Anyone How To Make The Most Money Possible Online With Short Term Property Rentals

    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Airbnb owners who want to learn the tips and secrets of having the top listing can now visit the new site bnbguy.com. The new website is packed with information based on Founder Eric Anderson's 20 years of experience online in the short-term rental business. He also has the #1 Airbnb listing in each market he owns a property in across the country.
    "After my own tremendous Airbnb success, I created Bnbguy.com to help other Airbnb owners and future owners create the #1 listing in their town," said Bnbguy.com Founder and CEO Eric Anderson. "We offer free helpful blog posts and an ebook that can be used as a blueprint for success with any Airbnb property. For people who want more in-depth, personalized advice and strategies to take their property to the next level, our Airbnb Analyzer and One-on-One Coaching is available for purchase," concluded Anderson.
    Airbnb Analyzer is available for $79. It's for someone who is new to Airbnb or even a veteran who wants to improve their listing. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the listing, performed by a staff with extensive short-term rental experience. The analysis provides a 10-point feedback indicating areas which need improvement, from furniture placement, layout, pricing and more. Real world strategies and suggestions are provided which can be implemented to increase earnings and obtain the coveted 5-star reviews. The Airbnb Analyzer comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
    Personal Coaching is offered for $399 and includes a one-on-one coaching session. Prior to the call, the listing will be analyzed and customized strategies developed. The coaching session is especially helpful in boosting a listing in searches by providing tips on listing maximization, Airbnb algorithm mastery, how to request 5-star reviews and much more.
    A waitlist also is available on the site for Bnbguy's e-course designed to teach how to invest in real estate without assuming the costs and debt of buying property. Visit http://bnbguy.com/ for more information or to purchase Airbnb Analyzer or Personal Coaching.
    Media contact:Eric Anderson202571@email4pr.com  904-878-3663
    SOURCE bnbguy.com
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    Monday, April 9, 2018

    How To Earn Money Online

    The jobs available for people looking to make money online run the gamut. On the internet, you can seek everything from full-time employment as a remote staff member to a work-whenever-you-want side hustle as a mystery shopper, blogger or jewelry-maker.
    The parameters for how and when you make money online are up to you, which is good news for job seekers everywhere. "We're in a really great labor market right now, and with almost 6 million jobs currently open in the U.S., there is a fit for everybody," says Sarah Stoddard, community expert at job-search site Glassdoor. "There are opportunities for every job seeker in every industry."
    So, if you're looking to find your next gig as an online worker, you're going to have to narrow a few things down first. Here's what to know about earning money online.
    [See: The Best Side Business Ideas for Busy People.]
    Consider the work you want to do online. Because the types of online jobs vary, it's wise to home in on what you want to accomplish from the experience, the number of hours you want to work and how much money you're looking to make online.
    The answers to these questions will dictate the websites you search for jobs and the career opportunities you seek.
    For example, as a freelancer, you could choose to only work on projects that interest you or choose your own hours. As a mystery shopper, who poses as a regular customer to provide feedback on stores, you could roll money-earning activities into your weekly trips to the mall. If you're looking to start your own business, diving into e-commerce could be the first step toward becoming your own boss.
    Perhaps you want to keep your full-time job but augment your income with a side hustle. Maybe this is a step toward a new career. Consider what you're looking for, then start your search in the right place.
    [See: 10 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your Money Goals.]
    Think of new ways to make money online. Take inventory of the skills you offer and how you can market them to potential future employers. "I'm finding more and more (job seekers) are 'niche-ing down' and being really great at one specific skill," says Kristin Larsen, a Nashville-based blogger who writes about side hustles on her blog Believe in a Budget. "People are willing to spend more on hiring someone who excels at one thing." For example, Larsen says, she recently hired someone to handle her emails. So if you know everything about a specific administrative task, coding language, social media platform or something else, those hyper-specific know-hows will stand out to employers.
    Think about the core skills and competencies you offer and make sure to market yourself accordingly. The top industries for online and work-from-home jobs include finance and insurance, sales, business services, technology and human resources, according to job-search site ZipRecruiter. And according to freelancing platform Upwork, these are the top lucrative skills for freelancers along with average hourly pay:
    1. Network analysis: $200 per hour
    2. Computer vision (processes that allow a computer to capture and analyze images): $145 per hour
    3. Chef.io (a software program): $140 per hour
    4. Neural networks (a system for computing modeled on the human brain): $140 per hour
    5. Firmware engineering: $130 per hour
    If you have these skills, then there may be a well-paying market for you online. And even if you don't, understanding what you can offer to a potential employer will help you find jobs and narrow your online search.
    Visit these websites and apps for online work. If you're looking for a flexible way to make $20 to $50 per week, Larsen recommends finding gigs as a mystery shopper through a company like A Closer Look, or giving feedback to companies as a member of a panel study through a company like 20|20 Panel. Another low-commitment way to make money online is through cash-back cellphone apps. Ibotta and Shopkick give you money or digital gift cards when you shop online or in stores.
    Looking to sell your products online? A site such as Etsy or Zazzle works great, Larsen says. If you like fashion, interior design, fitness or other hobbies, you may even be able to supplement your income with endorsements on social media sites like Instagram or by blogging as an online media star.
    Story Continues
    For artists and designers who want to put their portfolios online, sites such as Behance or Houzz work great for showing off previous work, Larsen says. You can share your handyman know-how on Takl or advertise a variety of skills -- from home organization to life-coaching -- on Thumbtack. Upwork is a common site for promoting your skills as a freelancer. Fiverr is another option for freelance work, but Larsen cautions that there's stiff competition on the site from international workers, who can charge less for similar work. Traditional job-search sites such as Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed and your industry-specific job-search websites will have postings for remote or online work.
    Be wary of online hiring scams. One of the more concerning downsides of digital work is that scammers may target online job seekers, offering them fake career opportunities in exchange for their money or financial information.
    Make sure to search online for any company you're looking to work with, including searching for lawsuits, bad reviews on job-search sites and other red flags. "Always do research on any company that offers you online work. Never accept checks to buy supplies or computer equipment, and never wire money to anyone who offers you online work," says Scott Garner, corporate communications manager at ZipRecruiter, via email.
    Try to get in touch with current or previous employees, Stoddard recommends. And look for other red flags, including vague job descriptions or background requirements that don't make sense in your field, such as asking for a certain number of years of experience that don't match up with the skills required. If almost anyone could qualify for the job, or if the pay is ridiculously generous, the job may be too good to be true. Plus, if the employer is asking you for money, Stoddard says, that's a red hot flag that something's not right.
    [See: 8 Easy Ways to Make Money.]
    Treat your online job seriously. If you want to succeed at earning money online, treat this new income stream seriously. That means acting professionally, responding to emails and meeting deadlines, experts say. In the world of freelancing, for example, reputation matters. If you want employers to continue to work with you and recommend your work, then maintaining a professional, reliable persona is essential to your new job as an online worker.
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